Criminal Injury Compensation

Criminal Injuries Compensation can be sought from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority ( CICA ) which was set up back in 1964 to compensate victims of violent crime.

Before 1964 , victims of crime often had no remedy. There was no point in making a claim against the criminal if he or she had no money.

In particular, children who had suffered abuse ( often at the hands of a relative ) were unable to make a sexual or physical abuse claim.

The government recognised this injustice and the CICA was set up as a means of obtaining criminal injuries compensation.

You can claim criminal injuries compensation even if no-one has been convicted or indeed charged with the crime. The CICA usually obtain a report from the Police. If the Police advise that the crime probably took place – then your application should be successful.

However, the CICA have their own set of rules for the admissibility of a claim

So, if you wish to claim criminal injuries compensation, contact Cameron now and , if you are eligible , he will submit an application to the CICA on your behalf.