Trips on Pavement/Road

We can make an injury claim for compensation on your behalf if you have suffered an accident due to a defect on a pavement or road.

These injury claims usually arise as a result of tripping on a hole in the pavement / road or over an elevation such as a stank.

As always with injury claims, you must proceed within 3 years of the accident.

Your local council may have a defence to the injury claim if they can prove that the pavement / road in question was regularly inspected.

To succeed with such a claim, you need to prove

If you have suffered a tripping accident, you should, as soon as possible, take the following steps to strengthen your claim

  • Take a photograph of the defect. To provide comparison, place a coin such as a 50 pence piece next to the defect. Take the photograph as soon as you can before your local council repair the defect.

  • Contact your GP or a Hospital for treatment as a medical report will be necessary to support your claim.

  • Report the defect to your local council. If, as a result, the council then repair it – that is a sign that they accept the defect was significant.

  • Obtain contact details of anyone who saw the accident as they could act as an important witness on your behalf.

So, if you have tripped on a pavement or road and wish to make an injury claim, contact Cameron now for expert advice on how best to proceed.